Cute Camp Kids

 “Transforming the lives of LA’s Homeless &
At-Risk youth & Families…Together.”

This is our tagline, the crucial idea behind our Mission and our work here at

the Children’s Lifesaving Foundation.

After over twenty fulfilling, challenging and exemplary years of doing this work since 1993, we have seen that this notion is one that keeps not only our work alive, but is one, if expanded, can change the course of the entire world…

When you look at the ways in which the work of non-profits can impact the good of their local communities, there is a second effect, something we like to call the Hope Effect- the idea that what’s good for one is truly good for all, that there is more than enough to go around, and that we are entitled to have the richest, most content life ever- filled with opportunities, love, warm family connections, fulfilling work and life-changing experiences. This “Hope Effect” enables the entire family to achieve the greatness they deserve, highlighting and encouraging their value as self-sufficient, thriving, active members of their community.

We have seen the Hope Effect at work first-hand, when a child comes to the beach for the very first time during our Camp4All Program, or has his first birthday cake ever through a party arranged by our Vita Network, or when we have witnessed a sweet father, crying as he is coming to tell us his grown child would not be going to college if it had not been for the McHugh-O’Donovan Shining Stars Scholarships.

It could be the smallest thing that could change or “save” a child’s life- the warm smile of a volunteer, the extra test preparation with one of our tutors at our Care through College Program gives, a favorite toy, miraculously, given to the child at a holiday event. These experiences will positively impact them forever. Memories they will keep, remember and draw from during their toughest moments, and most challenging hours.

It could be, in fact, YOU! Your presence, your mind, your heart- working with us to transform the lives of at-risk youth and families in L.A.

We are all busy. We all have lives and families and many, many things to do…But it’s good to remember sometimes, that we are ALL in this together. Not just you. Not just your family and friends…But ALL of us. The CLF is here to make it easy for you to utilize your gifts and talents as we help these children and families achieve not only basic survival, but success in their lives.

Join us by Becoming a CLF Lifesaver Today, and explore our website to see the kind and type of work that we do. Our activities work together to provide a cohesive platform of Programs-Living, Learning and Enriching- that define our ethos- the object of taking care of the whole child- making them feel that they have the same, valid chances as any other child living in Los Angeles.

Because, after all-we ARE all in this together.