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Our services are centered on three key, core platforms: LIVING, LEARNING & ENRICHING.
Each platform contains a key program or programs within it to help make the lives of those we serve thrive: The Living program is an integrated approach to domestic support- providing crucial aid-financial and in-kind- to very in-need families. After these families are integrated, they continue in in other program platforms, creating an amazing network known as the Vita Network.  The Learning program fosters hope in students striving to achieve their goals, serving students through high school, and providing college scholarships. The Enriching Platform is comprised of wonderful cultural, recreational and great outdoor activities and events which provide a sense of normalcy and community throughout the transitional experience for the whole family, whether the experience is a moving from a shelter into a new home, or apartment, or  helping their children apply for college in the coming year.These programs are supported by Camp4All, our highly successful summer camp, and the Vita Network, which provides ongoing, personal assistance to our core group of  families.