The CLF’s Vita Network is a community specifically designed to strategically support the ongoing needs of families serviced through our Living Component. The Vita Network Program vets “at-risk families” from the Living Program, finding sponsors to help them from shelters and highly unsafe urban areas into new homes, and helps with this transition period through financial aid, household items and furniture and new clothing. Families are also aided with English classes, (President & Founder Maria D’Angelo has a weekly English class for the mothers in our programs) emergency financial assistance, legal counsel and educational attention for their children through our Learning Platform.

The CLF’s Vita Network  Program meets then evaluates the prospective families, (through our Camp4All Program and through agency referrals)  to determine that the parents are drug and alcohol-free, have necessary job skills, and are committed to positively changing and improving their lives. If approved, the CLF then provides the family with the necessary funds, assistance in the physical move, and with much needed furniture and home appliances. The families then become permanent, active members of our Vita Network. We have moved 44 families to date. (Go here to  learn about sponsoring a family.)

In addition, our Vita Network families have access to a wealth of resources and information of Vita Resources  (from dental services to free tax filing) designed to ease their transition to self-sufficiency. The CLF stays in constant communication with our community of Vita Network families- celebrating birthdays, offering outings and exclusive Enriching opportunities designed to instill a sense of hope, and, basically, becoming that extended family that can help ease the burden of ongoing challenges.