CLF have been a great opportunity to change my life and help my family with all the activities, camps and Christmas parties that support my life and my family. The  Children’s Lifesaving Foundation, it’s so great, God bless , and we hope to keep them until my kids finish school, and become professionals…” Blanca C, Mother of three children. Vita Network Member since 2001

The CLF’s Living Platform of Programs takes an integrated approach to domestic support for the very at-risk family: Our Living Platform  stabilizes and rehabilitates transitional families committed to improving their lives by moving them out of shelters or unsafe neighborhoods, and into new apartments, and also by financially and emotionally aiding these families through time, where they become a part of our vital "Vita Network" of families.

 After qualifying for the program, we work with our resource partners to secure housing, furniture, appliances, clothing and food for one year. The CLF provides families with financial and credit counseling, interview coaching and mentorship opportunities on an as-needed basis. Their children have full access to our Learning and Enriching Platform of Programs. These families form the Vita Network, a community dedicated to the ongoing support and socialization of families. To date, what was initially known as the “Adopt-A-Family” Program has successfully transitioned, moved and/or aided over  60 families, moving many of them  out of shelter and/or highly unsafe urban environments.