The CLF’s Learning Platform of Programs fosters hope by inviting students from the families in our Vita Network to stay informed, active and connected to their community, enabling them to achieve their goals, attend college and follow their dreams. Focused on our  Care through College Program, the students participate in  individual, one-on-one tutoring sessions from our staff and "Lifesaver" tutors, experience great workshops, receive classroom project preparation, fresh school supplies, go on special Field Trips and Outings, and have and access to computers (The Steve Harvey Show and SONY personally donated 35 laptop computers to this program for all of our students!) Academic success is greatly awarded for improved grades: earning straight A’s is rewarded with gift cards. Upon graduation from high school, qualifying students are provided with college scholarships (generously provided through the McHugh-O’Donovan Family Foundation Shining Stars Scholars Program) their entire four years at university, an astounding opportunity for personal growth and academic and career success.  Dream Mentors and special visits to companies help to greatly inspire the student's worldview, career goals and overall outlook on the world at large. The Learning Platform of Programs  has awarded more than 47 scholarships to date, (and counting!)  ensuring that these children fulfill their very highest potential. These students often stay in our programs from a very early age until high school graduation, and beyond. It is our goal to be that stabilizing support system to see them get the very same opportunities as anyone else attending school in Los Angeles- whether it's helping with college applications, a spelling bee, or a book report due in a week- our tutors, Dream Mentors are there to see that their dreams and goals become a definitive reality. The CLF created a #CodingisCool Workshop & Initiativewhich utilizes nearby Silicone Beach friends and companies like TrueCar to teach the students computer programming and coding basics, as well. 

The Children’s Lifesaving Foundation has helped me very much since I was a boy of about 11 years old… Our family has been going to camps and tutoring, and  they taught us so much through the years. I want to thank the Staff and volunteers for helping us all so much!”

Julian C. CLF Scholarship Winner now attending Los Angeles College, who has been a Vite Network member since 1999

The Children’s Lifesaving Foundation has done so much for my family (since I was very young) and I they are a part of my life, and continue to be. Thank you very much, and after my upcoming deployment, I will give back the to the CLF.”

Randy De Leon CLF Scholarship Winner, now going off to the citizens of Afghanistan with the US Marine Corp

The CLF…Helping the “helpless.” They are providing hope and guidance, to those that are lost, and feel left behind.”

Robert Rhone One of the first members of our Vita Network Program, Computer Engineer, All-Star Person

I will never forget the things I have been able to do with the CLF (since I was a baby in my mommy’s tummy-I am now ten!) All the events like summer camp and the holiday parties, where I received a lot of gifts! Thank you, everyone, and all of  the people who help the CLF!”

Valentino 10 years old, attending the CLF's Programs since he was a baby

The CLF has opened their doors to me and my family with all their love and support. They are my family, and will always remain in my heart, and in my  life. I cannot wait to give back, and make others feel welcomed and loved as the CLF has done for me.

Christopher R. McHugh-O'Donovan Foundation CLF Shining Stars Scholar

The CLF has helped me throughout my life with opening a new future which o never thought I’d have. Once I become a professional I will give back to everyone who has helped me throughout the journey I’m in. I love then with all my heart and care for them. Thanks for so much support and help!”

Angel C. McHugh-O'Donovan Foundation CLF Shining Stars Scholar

I received my first CLF College Scholarship this year, and am attending SMC. I have truly never been happier in my entire life. I have made a promise to my family and the CLF to always travel in the direction of my dreams.”

Jasmin R. McHugh-O'Donovan Foundation CLF Shining Stars Scholar