Becoming a Dream Mentor is a great way to give back when you are on a pressed-for-time schedule. All we need is a few brief hours (or less) of your time, as you tell the kids about how you became a success in your career (defined on your terms) and your challenges and strategies along the way.

If you are in ANY field that you are passionate about-whether it’s fixing cars or peoples hearts- we want o hear from you. There will be a brief Q&A with our Care through College Students, as well as other young students from the Venice Boys & Girls Club. Your “speech” can run anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour or more. It’s entirely up to you…We just want to know what your secret is to your success…

Come on! You can tell us!

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L’Oreal League Influencers recently spoke to our youth about how they became artists, designers and hugely successful bloggers!