My family’s involvement with the CLF over the years has given us jewel-like memories..of kindness in action, watching kids who first entered the program when they lived in shelters..receive CLF college scholarships, seeing families moved from shelters to their own apartments…Knowing what the Care through College Program  has meant, to so many kids.”

Melanie Wizan Longtime "Legacy Team" CLF Lifesaver & Friend

From the moment CLF started, it was just like the song, “You gotta have heart”, and it did!
Miles and miles of it. I felt it from the beginning, the Staff generating the spirit, the need, and the
love surrounding your goal to help these great kids. Everyone around you, and the organization, could feel the satisfaction received, from just being a part of this fabulous group.”

Marleen Leventhal CLF Legacy Team Lifesavers, Supporters, Donors & dear friends

JAKKS Pacific is proud to partner with the Childrens Lifesaving Foundation’s Project Angel Wings Holiday Program-by donating thousands of toys (each year) to help make the holiday season a little brighter for children and families in need. In the end, the most important aspect of our JAKKS Cares Program is to help children smile, play and succeed.”

Stephen Berman CEO of Jakks Pacific, Inc.

Being invited to help fix up Circle x Ranch with Maria (and her friends from Action-Agape) in 1992 for the children turned out to be followed by years of joy. Taking kids on hikes, making great meals, doing crafts with them, and letting them know they are loved- that has simply one the most rewarding experiences of my life.”

Michael Torrey, CLF "Legacy Team" Lifesaver & President, Avalon Construction Corp.

We have been working with Children’s Lifesaving Foundation for so many years. It has been amazing to watch the foundation grow through the years, and to witness the many children and families CLF has helped. We feel honored to be a part of this amazing organization.”

The Wirht Family Longtime "Legacy Team" CLF Lifesavers & Friends

We are so honored to be a part of this loving organization, one that brings hope & joy to so many.”

M & J Michaels Longtime "Legacy Team" CLF Lifesavers & Friends

Getting involved with the CLF gifted me with the realization, that,
the more we can help those less fortunate than ourselves, the more fortunate we are– in the sense of seeing our true selves-which is love, manifested.”

John Whelpley Longtime "Legacy Team" CLF Lifesaver & Friend, Producer of the new televisions series "Dallas"
The Staff of the CLF reminds us of a favorite saying….” LOVE WHAT YOU DO EVERY DAY AND YOU WILL NEVER WORK A DAY IN YOUR LIFE!”
Bob & Nancy Salka Philanthropist & CLF Legacy Lifesavers, and one of the first contributors o the CLF's programs

For nearly two decades, I have watched Maria D’Angleo and The Children’s Lifesaving Foundation restore entire families to wholeness, rebuild and restructure lives that were lost to complete despair and desperation, and renew faith and hope in the hearts of Children so that they believe in themselves again, knowing they have a true voice, and that their dreams have value can still come true!  The Children’s Lifesaving Foundation and their entire team of Staff and Lifesavers are indeed angels!”

Sylvia St. James Gospel Legend & Legacy Team CLF LIfesaver, who for 20 years has been inviting the CLF's roster of homeless shelters & Host of the House of Blues West LA Thanksgiving Day Gosepl Brunch for the Homeless

Working with CLF gives us an opportunity to be part of something special! The Staff are doing amazing work, and benefiting hundreds of people every year!!!”

Mark W. CLF Legacy Team Lifesaver, Supporter, Donor & friend
When I think of the CLF, nothing captures more the spirit of giving than the words of Winston Churhill – ‘You make a living by what you get, You make a life by what you give’. Since I’ve worked with the CLF over the past years, it’s obvious that everyone in the organization embraces not just doing a job, but pursuing a life mission to help those who struggle to survive.  The entire organization infuses into the lives they touch one of the most intangile and important gifts every received – ‘hope’.  The spirit of their work is captured in the eyes, hearts and souls of everyone they’ve helped.  I am truly honored and humbled to be associated with the CLF. “
Terry Forrester Talent Manager & CLF Lifesaver

Twenty years of miracles! Real tangible miracles! Families saved from the streets! Students turned into valedictorians! Smiling, happy children getting toys from Santa! The CLF are a force for greatness in the community!”

Mark Kramer Longtime "Legacy Team" CLF LIfesaver, "Santa" & Friend

I love being connected to Children’s Lifesaving Foundation. Maria, Fran and Sean walk the walk: Love saturates everything they do, and they are deeply connected with the women and children they serve, committing to bringing hope and life-changing renewal in the most practical ways.

Susan Stiffelman CLF Lifesaver & author of "Parenting Without Power Struggles"

The CLF truly makes a difference in the lives they serve. The many families they look out for have had tremendous success in ways that they would have never imagined. Thanks to the various programs CLF provides the community, children from families that would be considered “at-risk” by society are getting a chance to graduate high school, attend college, and get jobs that will bring them a prosperous future. Plus, active living is stressed highly so for the children to get a chance to play in the sun and surf fosters a love of outdoors, which is a gift all children should enjoy. Lives are changing and families are growing stronger, in a community that often is faced with adversity. I have so much fun being apart of the CLF,  and volunteering with such awesome and inspiring people dedicated to changing the future.”

Lori Allen Longtime CLF Lifesaver & Camp4All Surf Camp Counselor-Fitness Instructor

 “The Children’s Lifesaving Foundation isn’t just focused on changing people’s lives today, it is focused on changing their lives forever.”
Joe Sprofera Longtime CLF Lifesaver & Tutor

“The Children’s Lifesaving Foundation has been by far the most rewarding voluntary organization I have ever worked with. The students are beyond inspiring, the leadership is first-class, and the field trips and other activities are so fun, I can’t believe I am not paying to take part. My work with the CLF has changed my life at least as much as it has those of the children we serve.”

Roland Eavey Longtime CLF Lifesaver, Filmmaker, Global Traveller

 Meet Our CLF Lifesavers-Gallery

Our "Legacy Team"

List of Current CLF Lifesavers & Donors

  The Children's Lifesaving Foundation "Lifesavers" are Volunteers, Friends, Donors who help advance our mission.  There are so many amazing friends, companies and supporters who have donated their gift of time, financial and/or in-kind donations to the work we do. We TRULY could not do it without their hard work, inspiration, help,  kindness and great dedication.

We love you All!


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