Serving others through the CLF has given me more than we ever gave: The sense of accomplishment that can only come from being involved personally…That look on a mother’s face, when you physically move a family out of shelter and into a home, is truly something you will never forget.”

John Cygan Longtime "Legacy Team" CLF Lifesaver, Actor & Friend

CLF Founder & President Maria D'Angelo
with Mario A.(second from LEFT) , a member of the VERY FIRST Vita Network family, with Christopher (FAR LEFT) and Yael (Second from RIGHT) and Ricardo (FAR RIGHT), also current members of our Vita Network of families.

The CLF’s Vita Network Program stabilizes and rehabilitates homeless families by moving them out of shelters and into a new home. We meet and evaluate the prospective families, at our camp and through agency referrals, to determine that the parents are drug and alcohol-free, have necessary job skills, and are committed to changing and improving their lives. If approved, the CLF then provides the family with the necessary funds, assistance in the physical move, and with much needed furniture and home appliances. The families then become permanent, active members of our organization. We have moved 44 families to date. Sponsoring and "adopting" one of the amazing families we serve is a great way to change a life. Move a family into their own home. Buying new furniture. Helping with household bills. Building a new life, together, with them.  You can even choose to help with the move, or, if you prefer, donate specifically to this program. Either way, you can know that your donation is going to change the course of a family's future for the better. Email us to find out about donation levels, and to meet with us to discuss this possibility. It is also a GREAT way to get your school, community group, or community involved to fundraise/and/or obtain in-kind donations  for a specific family's needs.