Part of Our Mission’s Philosophy is the core idea that every child to have the richest, most joyful experiences ever. Within the population we serve there is often a lack of very basic resources: Even what may viewed as the simplest of pleasures, such as going out for pizza, seeing a movie one afternoon, or a trip to the Santa Monica Pier may be way out of reach for the at-risk family.

Our Field Trip Program allows local companies, individuals and community groups-our Lifesavers, to host field trips that allow the child to experience things like museum visits, the latest kid’s movie, a fine restaurant- all enriching experiences that allow the child to feel a part of the community in a way they will remember always.

Creating memories, knowing you will be making an immense difference in a child’s life by providing cultural and recreational experiences- these seemingly everyday pleasures have a ripple effect of astounding, positive proportion.

From the very first day, in 1993, that CLF Founder & President Maria D’Angelo took a small group of homeless children from a shelter in South Central in Los Angeles, she knew that the Field Trip component had to be incorporated into the Enriching Platform of Programs. “Going to Disneyland is certainly a treat for any child,” D’Angelo states. “But we have seen what we like to call the Hope Effect work magic in these situations: We create major traditions with our Field Trip Program- weekly Pizza Nights at Pitfire Pizza in Culver City, Movie Days, our annual MLK Day Celebration with the MLK Westside Coalition…We also collaborate annually with FOX GIVES on the Fox Lot for an incredible, outdoor, lavishly catered screening of the latest cool kid’s film, and great local companies offer wonderful yearly outings for the children we serve. So many other Lifesavers and friends also contribute their time and energy to provide great field trips for the children we serve.

Would you like to contribute to the CLF in an awesome way? Host a Field Trip!

Screen on the Green-2015-The CREW! Group Photo

Families from the CLF’s Vita Network enjoy an amazing evening of first-class treatment on the Fox Lot with our great friends from FOX GIVES!