Do you absolutely adore your job? Did you build a life and career from the ground up- encountering many obstacles and personal challenges along the way? Our students at the Care through College Program want to hear about your amazing road to success in all of its many forms-to further inspire the minds and hearts as these children begin creating their own dreams, goals and desires for their lives. We only need a few hours of your time. Join us to come and speak with the students about your chosen field (which will include a short Q&A session, and an early dinner- on us!) The CLF has been fortunate enough to have wonderful film directors, teachers, fashion photographers, naval pilots, on-air correspondents, musicians, famous Instagram Influencers, lawyers, writers, main executives at major Hollywood Studios, video game creators- (even one of the cartoonists from The Simpsons!) join us to speak with our students…Maybe YOU will be the next Dream Mentor,  Speaker and change a life today…just by showing up and telling us about your own life and career path.

It’s a fun, fulfilling way to Become a CLF Lifesaver.

Click HERE to contact us to arrange to phone to schedule your Dream Mentor Speaking Engagement!

Jack Littman

Dream Mentor Jack Littman, who played songs and made art with the students, and is using some for his album cover art! Jack is also donating partial proceeds of the sale his album The Ad.dress to CLF!