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Becoming a Tutor with the CLF's Care through College Program could very well be the best Volunteer Experience ever.... You just need to be committed, compassionate, bright- in other words-be yourself! Our Learning Platform of Programs not only helps at-risk students graduate from high school, but we provide the entirety of college tuition and expenses.

The CLF is so much more than a simple tutoring gig.  To work with this group is to be a part of a wonderful loving family.  I still can’t believe that the group of students who were 12 years old when I started volunteering there are now in college.  What’s more amazing is when they show up and give back by stopping by to help tutor the younger students when they can.  These are standout citizens and none of this would be possible without the love and endless dedication that Maria, Francesca and Sean bring each and every day.  I am so blessed to know and work with them.

Sol Wein CLF Educations Programs Coordinator